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The Idea

From our first days we experience the world through colors and shapes. Intuitively, we grasp anything that writes or draws and start “creating” everywhere.

First, they are just funny scribbles that show abstract imagination and how we sense the world… Yet it’s only the shape, the color and the dynamics of self-expression that speak about a person and the mood.

Drawing helps us to experience the world around us. We want to understand it and pass our senses further on. We want to visualize the world and catch a moment. We want to feel happier through self-expression.

As we grow up, many people loose their need to draw. Our skills in self expression grow with us and everyone finds and develops his individual channel to communicate his personality.

My admiration for painting goes on; it has become an integral part of my life. Funny scribbles have become meaningful statements – ideas got shape and meaning. I am discovering a parallel world out of colors, shades and images; not just the reality, but the world of dreams where everything is possible!